We won! We won!

DOJO4 is a community-based, global-scale, member-owned tech cooperative that creates positive change through exemplary technology and design.

We are committed to meaningful work that supports thriving natural and human ecologies. The co-op prioritizes projects that promote environmental and social justice.

As a Certified B Corp that’s been voted Best for the World, the relationships we cultivate with our clients, the quality of our work and the products we build reflect the commitment and care with which we tend to our own cooperative.

With 20+ years of tech experience each, we are (old, and also-) pros at solving complex problems with elegant, straightforward solutions. If you need astute and sturdy technology designed to address real-world problems, let's talk.

Who we're working with

What we're doing and thinking

Antidote to Tech Processing a Compressed JSON Feed senv - secure 12-factor env vars for your apps, in any lang, local and remote
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Turco-German Trap Song of the Year Amazing Song Amazing Look Catchy songs of others
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