Luke Miller


Luke Miller was born in Nederland and grew up in Boulder (yet somehow didn't know Corey); fun hog; loves diesel trucks; terrible at most if not all team sports; prefers -30 degrees to 90 degrees any day; used to have a red mohawk...not that long ago! He pioneered the tele-switch in 1998, long before the euros even knew what tele skis were

According to his wife, Luke is a "a great dancer from ballroom to the Indian lightbulb dance; loves candy, especially black licorice and fruit jellies; can read Cyrillic and Hindi signage, even on moving trains, without having studied either language; he and our son Felix could have a Pearl Street show together featuring the 'boy balancing act' and likely make some good coin; he loves snow, and if you have even seen him ski, you would see that snow loves him right back; also, he is a really, really good person".

Favorite place(s)

Cold, barren, and treeless landscapes

1st album

The Clash - Combat Rock

Really good at

Being moderately good at lots of things, like carpentry, plumbing, JavaScript, CSS, and riding bicycles

Been coding for

2 decades

Started coding because

I was trying to make a website to promote my blossoming pro ski career. There was Flash involved.

Favorite project

My Flash pro ski website of yore

Favorite clients

The rich, quiet types


  • Frontend-y type work
  • Nagging everybody to ride their bike to work
  • Playing punk rock when no one else is in the office


  • The JavaScripts
  • Visualizing data with D3, Highcharts, and Google Maps
  • React
  • Fancy CSS
  • Quickly learning new JavaScript frameworks as they are born and die

Been with the company how long?

Since almost the beginning

Work History

  • Dishwasher
  • Ski patrol
  • Snowboard instructor
  • Ski shop guy
  • Ski factory worker
  • Yosemite search & rescue
  • Startup founder

Organizations you are a member of

None that I know of


B.A. Environmental Studies, focus on Snow Hydrology


  • Traveling the world with my family
  • Riding my bicycle as much as possible
  • Skiing down mountains in ways that get most people into trouble


Boulder, CO