dojo4 is a community‑based, global‑scale, member‑owned tech cooperative. We are a Certified B Corp that’s been voted Best for the World several years running.

With over 100 years combined experience building internet technology and solving design problems, we know that success comes from understanding problems before working on solutions. We have built our reputation on specializing in understanding the complexity those applications that require hard problems to be solved or big data to be crunched, and web sites that require ultra-high availability, ultra-high performance, and extreme security.

We offer expertise in seamless, responsive and highly use-able design. Design and development is all made-to-order and handcrafted in-house to solve the problems at hand with maximum efficacy and value to users.

Our time and attention is focused on purposeful work solving meaningful problems. We provide value for our community, our professional partners and ourselves by emphasizing the primacy of nature, interdisciplinary knowledge and humor in our work.