We build every project on a framework of trust. Our process is completely accessible and transparent, at every level. You are invited to come by and work with us - our door is always open. And whether you are close by or far away, you can see and engage the work online, at any time.


Getting started

We’ll start with a conversation(s). If it seems that we’re a good fit for working with each other, most prospective clients want a timeline and/or budget estimate which dojo4 will provide as the basis for an Engagement Agreement. We’ll work together to draft and finalize that and a Master Services Agreement and get both signed. Clients will then be onboarded (for example) and the project will commence with a kick-off meeting.

Project Structure

Project management tool - We use a project management and ticketing tool called Redmine for every project. As a client you will receive an orientation and full access to create, edit, and monitor progress on tasks.

The project will be managed by a Project Lead, who as a member-owner of the dojo4 co-op, is invested in the success of the project and is the point person for both the client and the dojo4 team members working project. They manage all elements of the project and may do production work on the project, as well. Administrative aspects of the project, such as invoicing, may be delegated to a dojo4 managing director.

The Project Lead facilitates a weekly, mandatory iteration planning meeting with the client and project team to review progress and plan. These meetings are usually scheduled for about 30 minutes but the Product Lead works with each client to customize the channels of communication to best support each project, including longer project meetings or daily check-ins, as needed.

All code and work product will be kept in a shared repository in Github, most often owned by the client, and always fully accessible.

Weekly Invoicing

At dojo4 we use weekly invoices as a quick turn-around of an accounting of hours. Sending an accounting of hours every week, and having that kind of visibility and approval, gives us assurance that we're heading in a direction that our clients feel good about.


Areas of Specialization

Strategy and Biz Dev




We do a flat hourly rate of $175-$225 USD depending on the specifics of the project. This adjusts to $200-$250 USD if we are not using dojo4 standard agreements. The budget of our average project ranges from $100,000 USD to $350,000 USD, however we value a good fit over other specifics. If you think we'd be a good match for what you need, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Contact us with questions or to get started.


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