dojo4 hosts young changemakers from around the world

by Corey Kohn

On Monday, March 12th, dojo4 is co-hosting a group of young social innovators, 17-19 years old, from six different countries - Afghanistan, Zambia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Swaziland, and Uganda. They are students in the Social Entrepreneurship Incubator program at the United World College in Montezuma, NM - an international high school, one of the thirteen of its kind around the world.

The students are:

  • Gilbert - We Enrich Business - fair micro-finance for blue collar workers in Zambia
  • Mzwakithi - Platforms for Hope - enabling young kids in Swaziland to learn with lap desks
  • Gideon - starting a recycling business on campus in preparation for a larger Recycle Nigeria project
  • Farid & Fiachra - The Library Project - filling an empty library in Palestine
  • Andrew - Transformative Education - transformational learning experiences for high school students in Uganda

From 5-7pm the students will be at dojo4 to meet, practice their pitches, get feedback and make real world connections. Along with w1sd0m, the Hub, and the Unreasonable Institute, we're psyched to be supporting these young innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers.

Please RSVP to

The Social Entrepreneurship Incubator is led and hosted by Martin Cade and Amy McConnell-Franklin - more info at