dojo4's got answers

by Corey Kohn



You've got questions, we've got answers! But they'll cost you. 25 cents to be exact.

In collaboration with the inimitable Spike Ilacqua, dojo4 is now offering illuminating answers to any curious passerby in need, for the mere price of a gum-ball.

Currently, answers are dispensed only during business hours, but you can look forward 24-access answers soon. And once this batch of useful and applicable answers has been dished out, we will be supplying our worthy community with tiny-art, at the same low, low price. (Please note: we are now in soliciting tiny art for the tiny-art and answer dispenser. So if you are a tiny artist and would like to contribute, please send an example of your submission to asap. Fame and appreciation await you.)

Our answers have been extremely popular. Come by 2030 17th St., Boulder, CO and get your's soon. Available while supplies last.