So you want to change the world? We do too, by building better businesses (aka The Little Handbook for Sturdy Startups)

by Corey Kohn


So you want to change the world? Well good, we do too, and we think we can do it by building a better business and helping other people do the same.

I've venerated the people all over the world who work indefatigably to create impactful change in so many different and incredible ways and have often wondered how I could use what we do at dojo4 to do the same. And we have moved vigorously toward focusing our energy on doing just that by partnering with impact enterprises to help with the technology they need to better address the problems they're solving. But, at the risk of being cloyingly trite, I've realized that one of the essential ways that we can generate real change in the world is be affecting real change in our own lives, families, businesses and communities.

This was on my mind a lot last year as I prepared to give birth to who turned out to be my daughter, Flo. I felt like I had learned so much from building dojo4 over the last years and was looking forward to getting some perspective from the distance I was going to have by taking maternity leave. I felt (and feel) strongly that no matter what our actual work product had been at dojo4, that just the way we had worked to build a business that really supported the people that comprised it, was in itself a small but potentially powerful way of affecting positive change in our lives and in our community. And with that in mind... somehow... within the shocking immersion into new parenthood, I started writing a little book about building a strong, sustainable and impactful startup.

Once back at work, it took a good, long time to turn this into a real publication. But, finally, with Anthony Dimitre's inestimable design talent we got it illustrated. Emily Utz whipped the 13 final tips into publishable shape. And Noah, Michael and Ara crafted it into a free, swipe-able book site for your viewing pleasure. I called it The Little Handbook for Sturdy Startups and we're really proud of it!

And just in time for the holidays, it's now the perfect (although somewhat pricey #selfpublishingmakesitcostoomuch) stocking stuffer for all your friends and family on Amazon. Turns out you can change the world just by doing some holiday shopping and leaving a praiseful review on Amazon. ;-)