Try Them All - Introduction

by Jeremy Hinegardner


For a long while I have had a list of various different technologies, frameworks, languages, etc. that I have wanted to try out. The problem for me has been creating the time to do this exploration.

We've recently made some changes at dojo4, one of which is to explicitly commit to working on things to improve dojo4. I've decided to spend a good chunk my time working on this project and writing about it.

The journey is the goal. I'm not looking to arrive at a specific conclusion, just learn along the way and see what happens. This is therefore first in an indefinite series on implementing the same web application in a variety of ways. We're going to "Try Them All".

I'll be using different application stacks for every implementation. Some regular, some irregular, some very familiar, some well out of my comfort zone. Whatever strikes my fancy. Different frontend styles, different API styles, different application server technologies, and definitely a few different implementation languages. Some of the approaches might not even be web applications.

I'm not going to list the possibilities here, there's too many options. I will start out with some comfortable technologies to get a hand on the problem domain, and then work outward from there into the less comfortable technologies.

Something in Common

Since this is to be a bit of comparison of ways of doing things, there needs to be a common basis. For this project - I've decided that this common thread is going to be a mashup of one or more publicly available datasets.

Picking that dataset is the subject of the next post.

I hope you'll all join me in this :-).

Table of Contents

I'll keep updating this section with new posts as they come out.