You Are Here.

by Derek Dunagan

You are here

As you may have noticed on our Twitter or Github pages, maybe our door, or any other of the places where businessing occurs; we are "rebranding" the current "branding" of our "brand", getting a "brand refresh", changing our "branding strategy", or whatever the Mediums and LinkedIns are calling it at present.

It started with a new logomark. Well. With gettin TRVEd up as a Colordo Limited Cooperative Association actually. Butand there will be a future post about the logomark, the thinking behind it, and the other design-y shit that goes with using symbols to rep your cre and how y'all rideBut.

Today, we are christening the new

It's all the same stuff you know and love to not read. But it looks more baller. More 90s. But like that retrocool aspect of or impression of, that evokes 90s feelings of when the Web was in its youth, of a simpler time. But not like actual 90s like the site was a few minutes before this post was published. Although this time, it's in hypercolor. Or maybe a tasteful dose of restrained Lisa Franking. Though per propre Internet decorum, a total lack of restraint remains intact in our Konami Code implementation (the only unchanged bit of the whole design, just type b a).

As website christener/officiant, allow me to welcome you, on behalf of our board of raidersas we maintain a pirate organizational structureto that new new, the 2018 (cop remix). If you long for the old design, you can still find it here:

We'll be tinkering with things for a while. If you notice anything that got all whack in the switchover, drop by the office with beer and tell one of us.