Steve Bailey

Deemed "too weirdeven for Boulder," Steve Bailey resides in Hanover, NH, where he makes responsive websites, infographics, passports, and posters for dojo4, Car Talk Radio, and others.

Steve started coding after studying abroad in Paris, back when TABLE-layouts were trs cool. He doesn't miss spacer GIFs, but chocolate croissants are another story.

When not working, Steve likes to hike with his wife and son. At the moment, Steve is trying to hike NH's 4000-Footers during a single winter season.

Favorite place

Wherever good friends are

1st album

Blondie - Autoamerican

Really good at

  • Information layout and design
  • Organization

Been coding for

Since 1998

Started coding because

In 1998, I wanted to share photos of my backpacking trip across the island of Corsica with family and friends, so my dad taught me how to "view source" and I was off to the races.

Part of the work that makes you come alive

I like the technical and strategic challenges of responsive web design, particularly how to give content its due on small screens.

Favorite project

I created a "periodic table" poster of New Hampshire's 48 four thousand foot peaks, distilling a wide variety of information about each peak into tiny squares la the real periodic table. It's fun taking large amounts of data, sifting through what people might find interesting, then deciding how to present those data in a meaningful way, especially for people who share a love of hiking. Also, I think I enjoyed the thrill (terror) of getting things right the first time, which is a must in print! It's my mid-life version of cliff diving or BASE jumping, I suppose.

Favorite client

Gnip. We got to watch them grow into a BIG company, and they werethrough it allkind and inspiring partners!


Design and build responsive websites and web apps


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Illustrator
  • Getting things done on time

Been with the company how long?

Since June 2011!

Work History

  • Sea World ice cream stand
  • College instructor
  • Wildland firefighter
  • Medical translator
  • Weather observer
  • Educational technologist
  • Web developer

Organizations are you a member

  • Dartmouth Outing Club
  • Appalachian Mountain Club
  • Southern Poverty Law Center


  • BA English, New Hampshire
  • MA English Literature, Pitt
  • PhD coursework Critical Theory, Pitt & Paris Center for Critical Studies


  • Backpacking
  • Hiking
  • Trail running
  • Cycling


Concord, NH

Speaking events

Said "Ma" and "Dada" around age 25

Speaking topics

  • History of web layouts
  • CSS
  • Backpacking