2021 Dojo4 guide to a better year: 42 tips

by Corey Kohn

Generally speaking, it won’t be hard to make this a better year than the last one. But one never knows what is in store for us mortals. It’s always good to have some aspirations and comforts to enjoy this limited time we have in this strange, beautiful and challenging world. This year's suggestions are, again, a compilation of inspirations, enjoyments and hacks from the whole motley Dojo4 crew - advice to ourselves as much as anyone else. In no particular order:

  • Floss.

  • Get up sometimes to see the sun rise.

  • Take an eBike tour of all the amazing murals in Boulder with JD’s Joyrides https://jdsjoyrides.com

  • Gather around an outdoor fire with friends and loved ones.

  • Get up high and look out at the big view.

  • Avail yourself of Jason Weiner PC’s excellent COVID-19 Resources (be sure to see the links at the bottom of the page and for updates, sign up for the newsletter)

  • Share your flare: https://queerdo-shop.myshopify.com/

  • Engage your understanding of how to approach the complex challenges (like climate change) that you want to help solve - take a course with Complexity University

May we rise up and do better (this year)!

photo credit: Complexity University