love is: listening together

by Corey Kohn


The song is just so good. It's so good that I want you to hear it, too- right now! I'd start the song over and give you my other earbud so we can listen together, but you're across town or across the country or across the world. Too sad!

We helped Brad Young solve this problem by building GoSyncd, a music sharing platform that allows you to share any track from SoundCloud in real-time with anyone and everyone. GoSyncd just launched this week with this promise: "You'll never share headphones again. Same song. Same time. All your friends."

The project provided some interesting challenges around syncing and gave us a chance to play with the SoundCloud API. It was also the first time we've used Pusher for a project. The service simplifies sending notifications between servers and browsers and directly between browsers. There are lots of ways to do this, but Pusher provides a clean API and falls back to handle browsers that don't modern notification techniques

GoSyncd is a nice interface for searching for and playing music from SoundCloud. It was fun to build and makes it even more sweet to listen together!