NCWIT is making it happen

by Corey Kohn

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I just recently had a great meeting with Terry Morreale, Associate Director of the National Center for Women and Information Technology. The NCWIT is housed right here at the University of Colorado but is obviously a national organization that acts as a conduit and advocate for "more than 300 prominent corporations, academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profits working to increase women's participation in technology and computing." Their mandate is to be an unneccessary entity less than 12 years from now, because if they do their job, by then women will be fully engaged in engineering and creating the information technology that innovates our world. In the meantime, NCWIT will continue to help organizations recruit, retain, and advance women of all ages "through industry and entrepreneurial careers by providing community, evidence, and action."

There are many ways to effect real and lasting positive change, but I see having more and more women coding as one of the most powerful ways to allow technological innovation to lead societal change. Studies in all sorts of sectors show that when women are educated and empowered, that innovation in that sector skyrockets. NCWIT works with organizations to make that happen in IT.

So we became members of their Entrepreneurial Alliance. But I can already see that the resources that they offer will be as much, if not more, support to us as a technology company as we can be to them as supporting members. It's easy (and free)to become a member and the payoff is huge. Do it.