What would you do with a $1,000 to make Boulder more awesome?

by Corey Kohn


dojo4 is delighted to be a Awesome Boulder trustee. As such, we join a small group of superb Boulder citizens each of whom take $100 from their own bank accounts to further the Awesome Foundation mandate of forwarding the interest of Awesome in the universe, $1,000 at a time. There are chapters of the foundation in dozens of cities around the world. Every month we take submissions for actualizing ideas and projects that make Boulder and the world around us more awesome. Unlike other grants, submissions are not judged on a stringent set of qualifications- the grants are given on an intuitive, instinctive basis.

The projects that get funded are answers to questions like these: What would make Boulder more awesome for more people? What can be done with $1000 to elicit joy, beauty, ingenuity, community, good health, good humor and good works? What could be a provocative subversion of what we take for granted, or provide a real engagement with our neighbors, or an inventive celebration of spontaneous and artful expression, or a truly generative public service? Awesome Boulder is all about making Boulder more gorgeous, thought-provoking, happy, compelling and fun "i.e. awesome" for the greater benefit of our community and is always taking submissions for imaginative ways to make that happen.

We're also are putting on a BBQ at dojo4 to bring the community together and spread the word about Awesome Boulder on Friday, 10/12. Join us to find out more about Boulder Awesome and help get out the word to anyone who may have awesome ideas so that we can support them. (We're also are looking for awesome sponsors to support the event...)

The Awesome Boulder grant for August is still available, so please apply and let us know what you would do with $1000 to make Boulder more awesome.