==~   2020-04-16

A one-hour escape (Ukraine ethno chaos-style)

Ukraine ethno chaos group Dakhabrakha are IMNSHO one of the best bands going these days. Fully in sync and endlessly creative, they are as melodic, harmonious (polyphonic, even), playful and tight.

Oregon's Pickathon is airing a concert a day from their archives, and Dakhabrakha's set ran yesterday. It was one solid hour of escapism. No raging plague, no crashing economy, no isolation - just a deeply talented band reaching across language and other borders to connect with their audience.

Notice how, at first, the crowd reaction is kinda "WTF IS this?" but by the end they're totally under Dakhabrakha's spell, all one, sharing the same remarkable moment. Reminds me of how much I miss live music.

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  Joel Davis

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