==~   2021-01-29

Neutralize your 2021 carbon emissions with Pachama's AI-verified carbon credit bundles

From their site:

We curate a list of quality forest projects for you. We remotely verify projects, ensuring they follow international standards for carbon credits. And unlike older offsets, Pachama checks projects to ensure they are protecting real carbon in old-growth trees or growing new ones. We believe in transparency and strive to give you the information you need to make the choice best for you.

I started 2021 with spreading my estimated/anticipated emissions for the year evenly across their bundles, and am offseting more than my personal share throughout the year. You can use the EPA's carbon footprint calculator to get a sense of how much you and your family are responsible for day-to-day. And you (and your company) can offset past and future flights using Atmosfair's flight emissions calculator, down to the aircraft model, precise route, flight class, etc.

Props to Katie Genter for pointing me to the calculators and to Jumbo for making me aware of Pachama.

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  Derek Dunagan

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